Fox Meadow
Shetland Sheep
Fox Meadow
Merlin and Gandolph
2008 Lambs
The Shetland Sheep is Britain's smallest breed of
sheep.  Known for their fine fleeces that come in
a variety of Natural colors and patterns that are
treasured by hand-spinners.  We have chosen
this hardy heritage breed to be our breed.

These primitive sheep are thrifty, are good
mothers and easy lambers.  We couldn't have
chosen a breed that was more suitable for us.  
Small enough for a lady to manage by herself, we
have experienced very good health and excellent
parasite tolerance, for us there is no other breed
to even consider!

We manage our sheep with a grass based diet,
rarely do we use grain.  We want to maintain their
primitive heritage that we want to manage them
as closely as they were in the Shetland Islands,
being allowed to forage on what is available,
along with a supplement of minerals.  

We have found that we only need to worm our
sheep once a year, although we do fecal testing
quarterly.  They have a very low worm load and
have maintained a high tolerance to internal
parasites.  Our flock has enjoyed good health
never having seen a of  bottle jaw, hoof rot or any
other common ailment.

All of our sheep are registered or registerable.  
We have also found that our flock carries polled
The Shetland Breed Standard
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