Fox Meadow Shetlands
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Fox Meadow Paisley   S 26506
Twin Springs Fiona X Twin Springs Reilly
Moorit Bersugget

Paisley has sired many lambs here and is looking for new pastures to "sow his
wild oats" in.  Paisley is actually a very gentle ram, he had been halter trained as
a yearling but has not been walked on one for sometime.  He should be able to
jump right into the groove again.  He has Greenholme Holly in his pedigree.  We
are asking $200.00 for him
Fox Meadow Sheamus
Baa-Hurra Cynder X Fox Meadow Pembrooke

Moorit ram with Button Scurs, very fine very crimpy fleece.  He has
Greenholme Holly in his pedigree as well.   
Sheamus has found a new home in Illinois at
Little Country Acres