Fox Meadow Puppies!

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Our Breeding Plans and Practices

To those who may wonder why we are not on the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America's Approved Breeders page, we have
voluntarily removed our Breeders listing from this page.  A Breeder's listing used to be a member benefit of the club for anyone
following the ISAA Breeding Guidelines, there is now  $25.00 fee per puppy sold in the USA to have a breeders listing on the Breed
club's website.   There is however no fee charged to stud dogs, foreign members who advertise their kennels or to those  who do not sell
their puppies to new owners in the USA. As none of my puppy families have ever come from the ISAA's website I saw no need to pass
this additional cost along to my new owners by increasing my purchase price.  We are still members of the ISAA and adhere to their
breeding guidelines.

Our puppies are whelped from health tested sires and dams in accordance with the guidelines of the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of
America.  Fox Meadow puppies will be whelped and raised in our home along side the rest of the Fox Meadow pack. We will strive to
give them a nurturing environment so that they will get the very best possible start in life.  

Our lovely ladies are fed a holistic fish based food giving them and their developing offspring a diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and
DHA, a building block for improved mental development. As this diet is a constant in their life, they will continue on it through nursing
and the puppies will be started on it as they begin on solid food.

We will begin early Nero-stimulation exercises at day three, clicker training begins as soon as their eyes open and they can hear and do
early socialization exercises to help shape balanced dogs for their new families.   We hope to begin training for their new families in
areas such as walking on a lead, stairs, potty training and the obedience basics as soon as the youngsters are able.

Puppies from Fox Meadow will be AKC registered, will be micro-chipped and recorded, have all age appropriate immunizations, exams
and health checks, a puppy care package and lifetime "technical support" for your Fox Meadow puppy.

Jo-Ann is dedicated to raising the best possible companions and has attended the following seminars related to Canine Health and

ABC's of Breeding,                                    Claudia Orlandini,PhD
Canine Reproduction                                 Cheri Johnson DVM, DACVIM
Recognizing Reproductive Emergencies      L. ARI Jutkowicz, DVM, DACVEEC
Canine Eye Disease                                   Simon Peterson-Jones DVM
Canine Orthopedics                                   T.A. Zachos, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Canine Cardiology                                     Bari Oliver, DVM, PhD, DACVI

Optimizing reproductive performance through Nutrition and Technology             
Deborah Greco, DVM,PhD,DACVIM

Canine Reproduction and Whelping             Myra Savant Harris
Puppy Intensive Care                                  Myra Savant Harris
Breeding Better Dogs                                  Carmen Battaglia

Puppy Arrivals, Planned & Pending Litters
"The moral progress of a nation and its greatness should be judged by the way
it treats its animals - Mahatma Ghandi
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He
will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such
devotion." - Unknown   
AKC-CH, International CH Iseyjar Mjoll X Astvinur Imaldur
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Ch. Iseyjar Mjoll
Astvinur Imaldur
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I am very excited to announce this pending litter.  This litter is the product of four friends who have worked together for years, Ch.
Iseyjar Mjoll is co-owned with me by the Runestone Icelandics sisters Elaine Mozur and Dolores Porrino, and Astvinur Imaldur I
co-own with Hrafna Icelandics Karen Riggin.  

Mjoll is an Icelandic Import bred by Gudni Agustsson of Iseyjar Icelandics, Elaine and I traveled to Washington DC together to pick
her up when she arrived via Iceland Air.  Mjoll has gone on to become a Nationally ranked AKC champion and a International
Champion, she has OFA good hips, complete dentition and OFA clear eyes.  Mjoll's sire is a Norwegian and Danish Champion.

Astvinur Imaldur lives with his co-owner Karen in CT. at Hrafna Icelandics.  She picked Imaldur and I up from JFK airport when I
came back from picking him up in Sweden.  Imaldur competes in conformation and Rally and has both his majors.  He went Best of
Winners at the 2014 ISAA National Specialty, in addition his daughter went winners bitch and son went Best bred by Exhibitor both
from Hrafna Icelandics.  Imaldur was bred by Ulrika Gunnarsson of Astvinur Icelandics in Sweden.  His Dam, Astvinur Dimma bred
is  a Swedish Champion and sire Tellusdream Askur is a World Dog Show Breed winner and International Multi- champion is handled
by Lasse Osterlund and bred by Ursula Brehmer of Tellusdream Icelandics in Sweden.  Karen and I had a rare treat when Lasse
introduced himself to us at the 139th Annual Westminster Dog Show in NYC in 2015, it was an absolute delight hanging out with him,
we are hoping he comes back in 2016 to see his Granpuppies compete!  

Mjoll is my little cuddle bug, has great drive as a working and performance dog.  Imaldur as a pup floored me with his confident
outgoing ways.  He took our trip from Sweden through the busy Amsterdam airport and JFK n NYC and customs in stride, not a
single thing fazed him and there was a lot to alarm a pup that was taken away from mom jut a few hours earlier.  His offspring are
doing fabulous in Rally and Conformation.  We have every high hopes that these pups will be incredible all around dogs that will excel
in every venue.