UKC-CH Gunnar of Sherwood Forest
AKC-CH Fox Meadow Hausta Tindra Hela
                  Pedigree               Hela            Health Testing
Hela visiting Gunnar in Washington
                 Pedigree                             Gunnar       Health Testing
                                                                                                    eye exam
We are very excited to share the success of our breeding East Coast - West Coast breeding between our
AKC-CH Fox Meadow Hausta Tindra Hela and Gunnar of Sherwood Forest owned by Christine and Richard
Vowles.   Hela traveled out to Washington over the Christmas Holiday and had a blast with Christine and
Richard's pups.  Even though she'd never met Christine, Richard or their dogs she fit right in with the gang, a
testament to her resilience, and wonderful temperament.

Borrowing names from weaponry of the sagas, our little warriors only fight for the side of Good. In the early
days of the Norsemen, swords were heirlooms. They were given names and passed from father to son for
generations. The loss of a sword was a catastrophe. We feel the same way about the Icelandic Sheepdog and
their rare pedigrees. Gunnar of Sherwood Forest is a rare treasure and we felt that these pups needed noble
names to carry on his pedigree.

Gunnar of Sherwood Forest aka "Edgar" is a wonderful dog, at almost 13 years old is still fertile, has
fabulous type and temperament.  Gunnar comes from the Palmahaus line, an old North American line which
is unique to the United States as their ancestors left Iceland prior to he creation of heir studbook.  These dogs
are considered genetically valuable according to reports in our breed's population analysis.  Sadly, many
from the dogs from these pedigrees were sent to pet homes.  We hope to try to continue this pedigree without
the inclusion of all the popular matadors, while continuing to raise healthy, good tempered  typical pups.

See some of Edgar's family below, sadly many photos of the dogs of been lost over the years.
Meet our Battle Born Litter
born 2/17/2014
Fox Meadow Sveðja Gunnarsdottir
Sveðja meaning "Glancer" a Battle Ax from the
Sturlunga Saga
Fox Meadow Tyrfingur Gunnarsson
A magical sword from the Tyrfing cycle said to be
sheathed in flames

Fox Meadow Himintelgja Gunnarsdottir
Himintelgja means "Heaven Scraper" and is a Battle ax
from the Sturlunga Saga