The Fox Meadow
Elf litter
born June 17, 2010
3 female, 2 males
Runestone Toblerone Kaffisson
International/National -CH
UKC-Ch Thordunu Leppatuska
Our Elsie is such a little Pixie.  She is quick, clever and always ready with a grin.  She's a dog
that seems to always get the joke, we often wonder if she's laughing with us or at us.  Elsie is
devoted to her people and loves to go out to meet new folks.

Tobi is like a little Imp, a mischievous prankster always up for playtime.  He's a very cuddly guy
leaping into my Father's lap or jumping into the cab of the tractor to hang out.  Runestone
Toblerone Kaffison is out of the USA's first male AKC Champion. Toblerone's half brother Fox
Meadow Jolasveinn, out of Thordunu Leppatuska is a multiple Best of Breed Winner and has
been placed as a United Kennel Club Best in Multi Breed Show winner.  We are very excited
about this combination.

These  two characters could only produce a litter of fun loving Elves!

In Iceland a  survey revealed that 54% of Icelanders believe in elves and hidden folk.  Well, we
think that it certainly is more fun to believe that they do too.  In honor of the Icelandic Elves we
are remembering them here in the USA with this litter.

To hear more about Iceland's Elves and Hidden Folk click Icon below
Fox Meadow Ástrós Blómálfur
Fox Meadow Beloved Rose the Flower Elf
Fox Meadow Þyrnir Dökkálfur
Fox Meadow Thorn the Dark Elf
found a family in Maryland
Fox Meadow Kjartan Svartálfur
Fox Meadow Kjartan the Black Elf
now lives in New York

This Litter is dedicated to the memory of my
mother, Shirley Ann Caputo Secondino.  Who lost
her 10 year battle with Breast Cancer in 2009. If
not for her, Dad and I could never have had a life
full of our animal companions; and Dad could
have never shared with me his lessons of being
responsible to your animals first.

Mom was my number one supporter in getting
involved with raising and showing this delightful
breed.  Dad jumped at the chance to have a new
little buddy to pal around with when Elaine Mozur
and sister Dolores Porrino of
Icelandics delivered Toblerone to them.

Mom always loved a good story and being
creative.  She would have really enjoyed the
theme of this litter.   I know I would be receiving
packages in the mail with little Elf novelties to
take the puppies photos with.

As they saying goes:

"Every Child needs a dog and a mother who will
let them have one"

Thanks mom for letting us have  our dogs, my life
wouldn't be complet without them.
My Father, Joseph Secondino and Mother Shirley Ann Caputo Secondino
with a baby Runestone Toblerone Kaffison
See Fox Meadow Þyrnir Dökkálfur
Do agility at 7 weeks old
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See our "Farewell to the Elves" Slideshow
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