UKC-CH  Isdalur's Carrie
A Prayer for Carrie

When Linda Gray,DVM one of our
veterinarians, met Carrie her first day in the
United States, she quietly whispered this  
German Child's prayer into
Carrie's ear - it was so sweet we had to
include it on her page

Ich bin klein
mein Herz is rein
soll niemand drin wohnen
als Jesus allein

I am small
My heart is Pure
no one can come in
but Jesus alone
Carrie comes to us from Isdalur Icelandic Sheepdogs in
Obrigheim-Muhlheim, Germany.  She is the product of all my
favorite kennels, Thordunu, Kersins, Surtsey, Fra Thytur
Stadir and a few new ones too.  We are very grateful to
Eveline Schutz for sending her favorite puppy from Drifa's
first litter our way.

Carrie brings some new genetics into the United States from
her sire Axjon Charme of Iceland, who is from Dutch, Danish
and Norwegian lines that have little representation here in the
United States.  That her aire Axjon Charme of Iceland closely
resembles our Kaffi in black instead of brown was the
clincher in our interest in this lovely little girl.  Her dam,
Thordunu Nordan Drifa, is a member of the rare "O" line but
more importantly she is a rich deep clear coated Red.  A
color that is rarely seen in the Icelandic Sheepdog these
days, we hope to build on preserving this color with Carrie.   
As well as building on her O-Line and Dutch pedigree. Carrie  
eyes have been tested for inherited disease and have been
found to be normal,  her hips have been rated OFA Excellent
- free of Hip dysplasia.  

We are delighted to have her as part of the family.  As a pup
she attended Dog shows with us as a spectator and had a
fan club everywhere we went.  She has enjoyed meeting all
the other dogs and people, was not the least bit shy. She
was able to compete in a puppy fun match and we were told
by those ringside she was the best gaiting dog around the
ring and was definitely the happiest puppy in exhibition!  She
remains so today!

At just a few weeks shy of her first birthday, in May of 2010,
Carrie earned her UKC championship at 11 months of age.  
At just a few weeks after her first Birthday she became the
very first Icelandic Sheepdog Bitch to earn a Best of
Opposite Sex award in the AKC on July 2, 2010.  Carrie
finished her AKC Championship in 2013 handled by owner
and friends.
Sisters Isdalur Camilla and Carrie
in Germany
Carrie always looking for fun
and new friends!
Carrie's Dam Thordunu Nordan Drifa
cared for by
Eveline Schutz

Carrie's kennel
Carrie's Sire Axjon Charme of Iceland
cared for by
Ute Valentin

Axjon's page
See Carrie's first year slide show, click
on the photo above