Viking Hippi
Meet Viking Hippi, from Elisabet
Stacy-Hurley's Viking Icelandics he is
absolutely everything an Icelandic
Sheepdog should be!  He is a happy,
healthy outgoing guy who is all about
making friends and having a great
day out in the snow!

When we first discovered the
Icelandic Sheepdog we had no
intention of breeding; Hippi had been
adopted as Jon's pet and neutered.  
We did not know then just how
awesome he would be and I have
been chastised by many a fellow
Icelandic Sheepdog owner for having
done this to such an incredible dog.

Hippi is a treasured and a valuable
member o the Fox Meadow family.   
Even as a neutered dog, he is our
pack leader.  His gentle neutral
temperament makes him a benevolent
dictator who is very patient with the
younger pack members and always
willing to accept a new friend who
may come to visit.   He style of
leadership has been an incredible
example to all of our younger dogs.  
We are so very grateful to him for
helping us shape the behaviors of the
younger members of our family.

He has been fabulous with the
puppies gently instructing them about
the importance of following the pack
leader while still being gentle and in
control.  He is an absolute
inspiration.  He is my right hand man
in all things canine.

He loves obedience work and will
knock everyone else out of the way to
"clicker train".  A trait I hear he has in
common with his dad Aldebaran Fjari.
Viking Hippi

Istolt Aska X Aldebaran Fjari
Hippi full speed ahead
Hippi, "Land Ho"
discovers the Sheep barns at 12 weeks old
from the row boat in the pond
Hippi, the Icelandic Beaver

Visiting Kennel Mom and Dad Liz and Bob Hurley
at Beaver Creek.  You just can't keep this guy out of the water.