Toblerone Kaffisson
at Mariah Manor Farm
Tobi's first day at Mariah Manor
Farm, with my folks.
Toblerone with best pal, English Labrador
Toblerone at one year old
Aldebaran Gryla X Isi Kaffisukkolathi
Tobi belongs to my father in Connecticut.  He
comes from good friends, Elaine Mozur and
Dolores Porrino, these sisters are Runestone

Tobi is a delightful dog and according to my father,
the most handsome Icelandic Sheepdog out there.  
He has a wonderful playful disposition and like his
sire Kaffi, loves to cuddle.

Tobi has successfully sired our 2010 "
Elf Litter"
and is our Fox Meadow Astros Blomalfur's sire.  He
carries Chocolate and Tri-color
Tobi 1 year
Tobi 1 year
Tobi 4.5 years with his best buddy Luke