Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki
These photos of Dreki were taken by his breeder
Brynhildur Inga Einarsdottir of
Reykjadals Icelandic
Sheepdogs in Ölfus, Iceland.  I could never capture
Dreki's beauty the way she can.
Dreki came to us in January 2011 from Iceland
after a short stay in Nova Scotia.  He is a very
sweet guy and incredibly devoted.  I have
admired Dreki ever since I came to know his
breeder Brynhildur and I can't believe this
beautiful example of the breed now lives with

Brynhildur is an incredible photographer, her
photos exhibit her love of Iceland and Iceland's
only native dog, the Icelandic Sheepdog.  She
and Þorsteinn Thorsteinson together have
co-authored the book "Gone to the Dogs".    For
those of us outside of Iceland this collection of
photographs  is a window as to how absolutely
beautiful the Iceland Dog is in it's homeland.  
This book can be purchased from
Brynhildur, it
is a must have for any Icelandic Sheepdog

We are delighted to have my dear Friend  
Brynhildur, her son Asgeir and daughter-in-law
Elín Ósk as part of our extended Icelandic
Sheepdog family.  We hope to have Dreki stand
stud here in the USA and if he likes it take him to
a few shows to so that folks can see what a
gorgeous dog he is
Dreki in Iceland
Brynhildur  and her book "Gone to the Dogs"  
Dreki with Brynhildur's son Asgeir, daughter in
Elín Ósk and the rest of his litter Reykjadals
Stikla Run, Odinn and Varða