ACH - CH, Int Champion Iseyjar Mjöll
Mjöll comes to us by way of  Reykjavik, Iceland from her
breeders Guðni Ágústsson and Anna Rósa Erlendsdóttir of
Iseyjar Icelandics.   We co-own her with sisters Elaine
Mozur and Dolores Porrino of Runestone Icelandics

When we first saw this little lady at 8 weeks old it was love
at first sight for all of us.  Elaine drove down from
Pittsburgh and we both went down to Washington DC to
get her from the airport.  We were both immediately
charmed as she snuggled up in my lap and went to sleep
after her long trip.  She quickly made friends here with the
Fox Meadow Gang and has been proof reading everything
I type since then as she tucks herself behind me while I'm
at the computer.

Mjöll, her name meaning newly fallen snow in Icelandic is
from one of the branches of the O line, different from the
one that Carrie and Dreki come from.  We are fortunate to
have a girl of such excellent type to help preserve those

Mjoll became an International Champion in 2014 and
earned a group 2 during those shows.  She has Best of
Breed wins in the AKC and is ranked the #9 bitch in the
AKC, with both her majors in 2014.  

In 2015, Mjoll finished her AKC Championship with 4
majors and two single points, with the last points to finish
her AKC Championship being a 4 point major.  

She had her 1st litter - the First Snow litter on September
4th 2015 sired by
our co-owned by from Sweden Astvinur

Mjoll is unilaterally deaf (deaf in one ear) due to her white
patterning.  White Pattern Deafness is NOT a genetic
health issue, if you control the white patterning, you
control the hearing deficit.  Mjoll's blue eye is also a result
of her white patterning.  She is has normal vision in her
blue eye and has a great work ethic in addition her hearing
deficit hasn't impaired her ability to be a great working
dog.  She is however a little sound sensitive, that was our
first indication that there may be a problem.  It appeared
that she would become unnerved because she couldn't tell
from what direction a startling sound was coming from.  
Baer testing confirmed her unilateral deafness

As extreme white patterning is becoming more prevalent  
within the breed several of us decided that we need to
learn how to control it and work with it.  Understanding an
issue is the first step to correcting it.  Using our breeders
tools - pedigrees, health testing etc.   Mjoll was bred in
2015 to Astvinur Imaldur and all puppies had normal eye
pigment, white patterning and hearing.  OFA eye exams of
the pups and Baer Tests have confirmed that an
understanding of population genetics and science works!  
Her "First Snow" puppies are a delightful bunch.  See their
Facebook Album

During Mjoll's 2016 eye exam (see below) she was
diagnosed with Disticiasis in one eye, it was one soft
eyelash, it wasn't there in previous exams so it is
suspected that it is a result of something other than
genetics (i.e. injury etc) we expect it to fall out at sometime.
Mjoll's Baer test indicating unilateral deafness consistent with congenital
Mjoll proudly presents her daughter
Fox Meadow Snjoflygsa by Runestone "Krystal"
in Herding Dog Digest