Fox Meadow Sumar Fárviðri

Summer  Hurricane

born 11/5/2011
The last weekend of August, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene which decimated the east coast, Runestone
Rasmus Klumpur aka "Beckham" , his "mom"  Dolores Porrino and Runestone puppies "fairy Godmother Nancy"
made a 7 hour drive down to Maryland so that he and Lilja could have a lunch date.  Dolores' family in
Connecticut was still out of power a week after the storm hit.   A short while later the trio made their way back
up north.

All of Lilja's puppies but for one have been named for the season's and "atmospheric events", Hurricane Irene
was an opportunity to continue that tradition with her litters.  When Lil's little boy arrived via C-section, Hurricane
Irene was an opportunity to follow the tradition, and
Fox Meadow Sumar Fárviðri "Summer Hurricane" was
named.  We are using the call name "Cane" for him and we are looking forward to "Raising Cane" for the next 10
weeks.  The week previous to his conception was full of Natural disasters here in Maryland  and the East coast
including earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and landslides, we had a wild week!

Both Lilja and Beckham have been health tested in accordance with the Best Breeding Practices as
recommended by the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America, AKC parent club for the breed and have been
voluntarily enrolled in CHIC ( canine health information center).  You can view their Health testing results by
following the links above.  Little Cane arrived via C-Section on 11/5, as this was to be Lil's last litter she was
spayed simultaneously.  She went in for an X-ray as she was due the following day and came home with a
puppy.  The vet upon viewing the X-ray was concerned that Cane would be too large for her to have unaided so
erring on the side of caution we followed her advice.  This was also Beckham's last litter via live cover, soon
after his date with Lilja he was collected and altered, he is only available via AI now, so we are thrilled to have
this little man here now.  Lilja is retired now and will enjoy being a granddam to her first litters puppies shortly!

The litter is another collaboration between
Runestone Icelandics and Fox Meadow Icelandics.  Both Lilja and
Beckham share U-CD ARBA-CH Pineridge Elska as their granddam.  From everyone we've spoken with who
knew her she was an incredible dog.  Elska, the very first ISD conformation in the USA, was the first ISD I ever
came across and I owe so much to her and her owner Lori Julius who willing shared her experiences and
knowledge of the breed with me.  I think Little Cane is going to a super dog just like her.

The gals of
Runestone Icelandics sisters Elaine Mozur and Dolores Porrino have become dear friends who I
can't even express how much I appreciate.  We have collaborated on litters previously with the Runestone gals
using my boyz as stud, I am thrilled to have a litter sired by their handsome Runestone Rasmus Klumpur and I
think little Cane will be just as incredible.  These gals are like family to us in more ways than one.  

Lilja's sire Aldebaran Fjari is the son of Danish import Kloverbad Aldebaran Icelandic aka "KAI".  KAI sired only 1
litter in his career as stud, that being with Pineridge Elska.  Their son Aldebaran Fjari is the only offspring of
theirs to go on to sire a litter, Viking Lilja and brother Hippi's.  We are thrilled to not only continue Pineridge
Elska's pedigree through Lilja but also KAI's.  When we brought little Hippi and Lilja home we received the gift of
"Clicking with your Dogs" from Fjari's mom Nancy Keene.  It was our first introduction to clicker training and has
become like a bible of dog training for us.  We use their methods to shape our puppies behavior and the results
are never disappointing.  Nancy has also been a source of support for me and we consider her part of our
extended family.

We would like to dedicate this litter to Lori Julius and Pineridge Elska, Runestone Icelandics Elaine Mozur and
Dolores Porrino and Nancy Keene and Aldebaran Fjari.  Thank you for having a hand in enriching out lives
through these wonderful dogs
Runestone Rasmus Klumpur
Viking Lilja