Fox Meadow Ástrós Blómálfur
"Beloved Rose the Flower Elf"   
Is out of our Thordunu
Leppatuska "Elsie" and
Runestone Toblerone Kaffisson.  
There has never been a puppy
more Elf like than she.  She  has
become a silly little thing like her
mother and she may be the best
snuggler in the house.

For some reason she and Jon just
clicked, so she became his 40th
Birthday present.  As far as he is
concerned she can do no wrong,
and in truth she really rarely does.

Rosie is the granddaughter of our
AKC Ch. Isi Kaffisukkolathi, we
are thrilled to have a second
generation on Kaffi.  She certainly
has inherited his easy going
outlook on life and  her mothers
incredible drive.  The combination
makes a really fun dog to live with
who is just too stinkin' cute.

Rosie has a very nurturing
personality, we could see this
even in the whelping box as she
made an effort to keep her two
tiny sisters warm, seeking them
out.  She is the first to befriend a
visiting dog and she just loved
"helping" take care of the 2011
Thorri litter

Rosie became an International
Champion in 2014 and is just a
few points away from her AKC
champion.  Her daughter Meadow
is a German Kennel Club and
German Club for Nordic Breed
Champion, Meadow is the fourth
generation of owner handled
Champions beginning with her
Great Grand sire Kaffi for Fox
Rosie at 1 year
Rosie at 6 months old, our Card
for the 2010 Holidays
Rosie, training as one of Santa's
Elves at 6 months old, our
holiday greeting in 2011.
Rosie at 4 months old
having fun at her first
puppy match
Like her mother and half brother
Jolasveinn, Rose has great drive
and no fear!  Rosie taking on our
Shetland rams at 10 weeks.
Rose at 6 weeks, don't mess with
this Elf!
Rosie ready to take on the world
at 6 weeks
Say your sorry Kjartan!
Rosie and Kjartan 6 weeks old
Rosie with littermate Thorn
demonstrating their interest in moving
the sheep.  This was the first time
they'd seen sheep at 10 weeks old, not
only did  their natural instinct kick right
in, they had the young rams moving.
Rosie 2 years
Show Girls
Mjoll, Elsie and Rose
Chubby Chicks Rule
Rosie after her Best of Breed win
Rosie looking for some fun in the
summer time!