Ástvinur Imaldur
Ástvinur Imaldur

born July 19 2010
SUCH Tellusdream Askur x NUCH SUCH C.I.B Ástvinur Dimma
Little Imaldur has come all the way from  Kennel Ástvinur in
Bredared, Sweden, where he was lovingly raised by his
Kennel Mom and Dad
Ulrika Bjursten Gunnarsson and Kent Gunnarsson.  I had the a
delightful visit with Ulrika, Kent and all their lovely dogs and
instantly fell in love with them.  Ulrika and I have Grandpuppies
together  through my Kaffi's daughter Runestone Mocha Latte
and her Ástvinur Eldur at
Kennel Vongivan in Finland .   I am
so happy that we have more than one reason to consider
Ulrika and Kent part of our family.  Ulrika's Fältstigen Salka,
daughter of her Ástvinur Fengur, was the 2010 Icelandic
Sheepdog World Dog show winner. Ulrika was also honored
with the award of Best Breeding Group at the Swedish
Icelandic Sheepdog clubs specialty in 2010.  Ulrika trains and
competes with her dogs in agility, obedience, rally and
herding.  She feels that dogs should not just be beautiful, but
also have good temperament and maintain their working
ability.  We are so happy to have found her.

Imaldur's sire
SUCH Tellusdream Askur who was bred and is
owned by Ursula Brehmer of
Kennel Tellusdream was
awarded Best of Breed with CACIB at the International Dog
Show in Malmo by International breed specialist Hans-Åke
Sperne in 2010.

Ulrika chose an incredible puppy for us to bring to the USA.   
On his trip to the United States Imaldur demonstrated while
walking through the airports at 10 weeks old all the things we
desire in a good tempered Icelandic Sheepdog.  He confidently
walked through the busy Amsterdam Airport, proudly trotting
along with his head up and tail curled as walked through the
crowds.  He never  reacted as trams dragging strings of
baggage carts whizzed past us clattering along and Golf carts
carrying passengers to their departure gates beeped their
horns.  He happily allowed anyone who wanted to say hello to
stop and pet or cuddle him.  One little person, an 18 month old
little girl cautiously approached him and giggled while he
gently kissed her face and hands.  While riding on KLM the
Royal Dutch Airlines, he was given the "Royal" treatment with
the in flight crew bringing him Ice cubes to munch, and having
his photo taken with the crew.  He traveled like a professional
never complaining the entire trip.

Imaldur along with his super little personality already has an
incredible coat, level topline, nice angulation and very large
strong dew claws.  We can't wait to see how he matures, he
brings a whole new pedigree into the United States to help ad
to our populations diversity.

Imaldur lives with his full time mom Karen, her two super
teenagers Piper and Peregrine;  ISD Somi Saela and honorary
ISD Robin will be his k-9 friends along with the rest of the
menagerie in Karen's home.  Karen is one of the organizers of
and sits on the Board of Directors of the National Icelandic
Sheepdog Rescue Alliance, she Volunteers at Whites Memorial
Nature Conservation Center where she helps care for the
hawks, owls and orphaned squirrel families.  She also offers
to foster dogs and cats in need in her home.  Imaldur will have
lots of exciting adventures and friends with this family.  

We are very excited to have this special boy here and look
forward to hopefully seeing Ulrika and Kent again one day too.  
We all hope to enter Imaldur into the Conformation ring, as
well as offer him up for stud when he is of age and has passed
his health clearances.

Imaldur has gone on to earn points towards his AKC
championship and is earning Rally titles with Karen's care and
Imaldur's Dam and Sire
Dimma and Askur
what a handsome couple
photo by Ursula Brehmer
Ulrika and Kents beautiful home where
Imaldur became the incredible puppy that
he is
Imaldur, Isafold and Isolfur greeting
Ulrika and Imaldur say their goodbyes
at the airport
Imaldur earning sky miles and receiving the "Royal" treatment on KLM's Royal Dutch Airlines.
He charmed the in-flight crew
Imaldur was a wonderful traveling companion.  He was content in his soft sided crate on the plane, happily
sat on the chair next to me at the gate, either napping or greeting new friends who passed his way.
A few of Imaldur's
new friends

Piper, Pergrine and
Imaldur enjoying the
Autumn sun

new housemate
Saela getting ready
to give the squirrel a
bath  after helping
Karen feed  the
orphaned squirrels
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