Álfagarður Icelandics at Fox Meadow

The Magical Flora litter
Fox Meadow Thorra Garri
Fox Meadow Winter's Frosty Wind

A Child of  Old Man Winter
Fox Meadow Astros Blomalfur
Fox Meadow Beloved Rose the Flower Elf

A Child of  Summer's Flower Elves
Old Man Winter and the Flower Elves have certainly blessed us this Spring with these beautiful pups.  Visit
their album on Facebook
Álfagarður Vallhumall Garrason

Elf Garden Noble Yarrow son of the Frosty Wind
two weeks old
Álfagarður Freyjugras Garradottir

Elf Garden Meadow Rue daughter of the Frosty Wind
2 weeks old
Álfagarður Mjaðurt Garradottir

Elf Garden Meadow Sweet daughter of the Frosty Wind
two weeks old
Noble Yarrow
Has a long history of being a powerful
healing herb.
Meadow Rue
Thought to be a great love potion
"Queen of the Meadow"  
Was strewn about the house to keep peace
and the scent of Meadowsweet is said to
cheer the heart.