The Summer Sailor's Litter

Isdalur's Carrie X Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki
June 20, 2012
On Mid-Summer's Day, a day earlier than
expected, at 7:30 pm during the  Summer
Solstice, Isdalur's Carrie began delivering her
very first litter.  The delivery went quick and easy,
and she was done with setting of the sun at
9:30.  We are pleased to present our Summer
Solstice litter - three Black Tri-color boys.   I can't
help but think that the Norse gods of Good
fortune and Fertility were smiling down on this
litter for it to be born during the Solstice.  All the
boys have very good double rear dew claws.  

Carrie comes from Eveline Schutz of Germany.  
Her Dam is a member of the O-Line family of
Icelandic Sheepdogs, and her sire is from Dutch
and Danish pedigrees.  Both of which are not
well represented here in the U.S.  

Reykjadals Hrafn Dreki comes to us from my
dear friend Brynhildur Inga Einarsdottir, her son
Asgeir Sigurbjornsson and daugher-in-law Elin
Osk Jonsdottir of Iceland.  He is also from the
rare O-Line, and an absolutely handsome devil!

Following the recommendations of Pieter
Oliehoek from his paper Breeding Icelandic
Sheepdogs in a Closed Populations we have
chosen to foster some of the unique genetics in
the Icelandic sheepdog population to maintain
diversity in the breed.  This litter is a step in that

Three years ago I flew to Germany to pick-up
little Carrie and carried her back with me on the
plane, we crossed a lot of water together.  To
remember that trip together and the Seafaring
culture of the Icelandic people all of Carrie's
litter's will be water themed, starting with this

I'd like to dedicate this litter to Carrie's breeder
Evi Schutz,  Dreki's breeder  Brynhildur Inga
Einarsdottir and Dreki's family Asgeir
Sigurbjornsson and Elin Osk Jonsdottir.  Thank
you for entrusting us with these lovely dogs.  We
hope that these little men bring joy to their
families and help to create diversity in the
Icelandic Sheepdog population.

Happy Solstice!
Jo-Ann and the Fox-Meadow Gang
Sólstöðu Sæþór - Solstice Sea
10 weeks
Off to new Adventures in
North Carolina
Sólstöðu Sæfari - Solstice Seafarer
8 weeks will be staying in Maryland
and training for  dog sports.  He
hopes to be a super stud one day!
Sólstöðu Sæúlfur - Solstice Sea Wolf
8 weeks
Will be moving on to Texas to live
with our Lilja' s 1/2 brother Hnerri.

He hopes to be a "Super Stud" one
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Thor focused on the teeter
Jenifer Brimmer
The boys at 7.5 weeks