Viking Lilja
Viking Lilja is the inspiration for Fox Meadow
Croft with her foxy look and coloring.

Lilja may be the most affectionate of our
dogs.  She is the first to jump into a
strangers lap and give them a kiss.  Most
people walk away saying  after a visit, "Oh
she really is my favorite".  She is incredibly
intelligent and easily trained.  She is one of
our fastest and agile dogs.  She and a litter
sister are the only progeny of Aldebaran Fjari
who will be going on to be bred.  Fjari has an
incredible pedigree and just beautiful, our
Hippi really resembles his dad.

Although we call her our Diva, not wanting to
get her feet muddy or venture out to in the
rain to get her hair wet; she completely drops
that persona as soon as she sees the sheep.  
Flying through the fields she can move our
flock and pick up stray sheep by herself.

Lilja and I have done conformation together
when she was a puppy and later as an adult,
but it is obvious that she really doesn't like
it.  Respecting that we do not bother her by
dragging her to the dog shows.  She is
content to go "shopping" with me at Dog
Friendly Merchants, cuddling on the couch,
going for a good swim in Beaver Creek and
playing with the other dogs.

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Lilja the brightest bloom in my garden!