In Loving Memory
Thordunu Skrama
Our Elsie's sister in Iceland was struck by a
car just days before her third birthday.  
Although we never met Skrama, we watched
her grow via email and mourn her loss, along
with her family
Runestone Cacao

Our Kaffi's daughter was struck by a
car at just over a year old.   She was a
delightful and well loved puppy.  Our
heart goes out to her family, kennel
mom and we grieve along with them
for her.
Fox Meadow Áróra Ljósálfur                                        Fox Meadow Mýsla Húsálfur
Áróra and Mýsla were born quite small just over 2 ounces, very small for Icelandic puppies.  We were
able to love, care for and name them for just 3 weeks before they left us.  Both little girls were tough
as nails just like their Dam, our Thordunu Leppatuska "Elsie".  Sadly, their little bodies couldn't support
them and they both passed away at 3 weeks.  We miss our tiny girls immensely, they were just so
God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to
be. So He put his arms
you and whispered "come to me". With tearful eyes
I watched you,
saw you pass away. Although I loved you dearly, I
could not make you
A golden heart stopped beating hard working
hands at rest. God
my heart to prove to me that He only takes the
Dogs are a huge part of our life here, although society says we "own" them, they are more family and friend
than a possession.  When they leave us we grieve for them.  We want to remember some special "friends"
Chisick Farms Lars
Beloved member of the Lopresti family and our Fox Meadow
Kjartan Svartalfur's  best buddy. Lars passed away in the fall
of 2010 after succumbing to a systemic infection.  We mourn
the loss of their beautiful boy along with them.
AKC-CH, International National CH Fox Meadow Þorra Garri
Feb 13, 2011 - March 26, 2013

Garri was a beautiful incredibly sweet dog and a much loved member of our
family.  He passed away suddenly on March 26, 2013 as a result of a
massive hemorrhage caused by a tumor on his heart.  The necropsy revealed
that this tumor was undetectable and even if it had been there would have
been nothing they could have done for Garri and it would have been only a
matter of time before we lost him.  This tumor has no genetic or
environmental causes known to the attending veterinarian and as he stated, "it
is just one of those insidious things they have no explanation for."

Garri was our second AKC Champion from the Bred by Class and was
already working on his Grand Championship when he passed away.  Garri
was a delight to have around and a wonderful partner in competition.  His
passing has broken the hearts of all in our home.  To learn more about Garri
please visit his page