International / National Champion
Fox Meadow Jolasveinn
Junghund Champion

UKC-CH Fox Meadow Jolasveinn

Thordunu Leppatuska X Isi Kaffisukkolathi

is the first Chocolate Icelandic sheepdog to be born
in the United States.  One of the most uncommon of
the many colors that the Icelandic Sheepdogs come

He is a lively little guy, with a big personality.  At his
first meeting with our Fox Meadow flock of Shetland
Sheep he immediately began herding them, moving
a mini flock of twelve with a mature ram across the
pastures and through gates.  We were so amazed, he
was only 12 weeks old and in total control, he's the
perfect farm dog.

He has inherited his sire's happy-go-lucky
temperament and his mother's intelligence along
with both of their comedic talents.  The result is a  
dog who problem solves quickly and is a whole lot of
fun to have around.  

Jolasveinn has a passion for balls, Jon has taught
him to play "Volley Ball" with him.  Jon tosses a
large ball to Jolasveinn, who then jumps up and
nose butts it back.  The two get a pretty good volley
going for a while.

At just over one year old he has earned his United
Kennel Club Championship in Conformation.  
Jolasveinn has earned his International/National
Junghund title in Conformation from the IABCA at 17
months. By his Second Birthday Jolasveinn has
earned Multiple Best Male, Best of Breed, Best of
Herding group and Herding Group placements,
Multiple Best Bred By Exhibitor Herding Group
awards and a Best in Multi-Breed Show Award.  
Jolasveinn became the first Icelandic Sheepdog to
earn their AKC Championship from Bred By
Exhibitor Class under judge Peggy Beisel Mcllwaine
at the Maryland Kennel Club dog show on Feb. 19,

Jolasveinn has sired two handsome litters to view
his pups go to the
Jolasveinn's puppies page
Int/Nat-Ch  UKC-CH Fox Meadow Jolasveinn

Jolasveinn and I at the IABCA show after his two
Best Bred By Exhibitor - Herding Group Puppy
Fox Meadow Jolasveinn
Awarded Best in a Multi-Breed Show at the Old Line State
United Dog Club in Bel Air, MD on October 10, 2010 under
Judge Kathie Treacy.  Judge Treacy said of Jolasveinn
that "he was the best moving Dog in the Ring" and  "He
certainly looks like he could work all day, I could just sit
here and watch him move"  We are just thrilled to have our
boy recognized for his ability to do the job he was bred to
No Matter how little money and how few
possessions, you own, having a dog makes
you rich." - Louis Sabin
Congratulations to Fox Meadow Jolasveinn's Cousins

Grand Champion Arbakki Magni of
Asgard Icelandics
Ranked  AKC's #3 Icelandic Sheepdog in 2011

Grand Champion Arbakki Snorri of
Brosandi Icelandics
Ranked AKC's # 7 Icelandic Sheepdog in 2011