Fox Meadow Hausta Tindra Héla
and Friends
McEremon Icelandics

Is co-owned by Penny Kelley in Ohio.  Penny and
husband Tim Kelley have been involved with
owning, breeding and showing dogs for over 20
years.   Under the McEremon name they have
Championed many Soft Coated Wheaton Terriers.  

Penny and Tim after a seven year absence from
the Conformation rings have chosen the Icelandic
Sheepdog as their breed and boy have they made
a  tremendous come-back!  Little Héla was chosen
as Best Bitch and earned a major at her very first
UKC show in Ohio.  Then at her second
Conformation  at event in the AKC rings she
became the very first Reserve Bitch Icelandic
Sheepdog in the AKC as a fully accepted breed
under judge Walter J. Sommerfelt at the Southern
Maryland Kennel Club show in Bel Alton, Maryland
on July 2, 2010 at the tender age of 8 months.

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Jenifer Brimmer

Héla repeated earning this award a
week later at the Upper Marlboro
Kennel Club under Judge Victor
Clemente taking Reserve Bitch
again.  Her sire Tofi av Isheim was
also Best of Breed at this show under
judge Clemente as well as her
littermate Fox Meadow Hausti Solskin
co-owned and handled by Jenn
Sarajian Stone being placed as
Reserve Dog.  It was truly a family
affair that day.

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accomplishments go to our
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Héla has some super housemates to pal
around with to!

AKC-CH Valhalla's Heart O' Gold, co-owned
and bred by Margaret Gimblin of
Icelandic Sheepdogs aka "Stella Rose"

Penny, Tim, "Stella" and Hela came to
Maryland the first week of July 2010 for a visit
and to play in the Maryland AKC Show rings.  
Valhalla's Heart O' Gold  along side of our Isi
Kaffisukkolathi became the first Icelandic
Sheepdog Dog and Bitch to become AKC
Champions., completely owner handled.
Jenifer Brimmer
Jenifer Brimmer

Penny and "Stella Rose" Valhallas Heart O' Gold New Champion photo with
judge Robert R. Frost at the Northeastern Kennel Club show in West
Friendship, Maryland.  Stella finished her Championship completely owner
handled taking 2 - 4 pt. majors, 1 - 3 pt. major and 1 - 5 point major in 6 shows,
making her the very first Icelandic Sheepdog bitch to title in the AKC
Héla and Penny strutting their
stuff in Bel Alton, Maryland.  
Little Héla looks pretty happy
despite the temperatures being
over 100 degrees that day