AKC-GCH, UKC-GCh Fox Meadow Hausti Sólstafir
Autumn's Ray of Sunlight
Sólstafir and Dave with Solstafir's first  UKC Best
of Breed Ribbons at 6 months
Sólstafir with Jo-Ann in UKC Herding
Group at 6 months old earning his first
UKC point

While at the prestigious 2010 Morris
Dave and Sólstafir ran into UKC judge
Linda Reese who was there seeking
AKC Judging Approval.

Linda Reese finished  Sólstafir's UKC
Championship and we were able to get a
photo of the two of them together

At Morris and Essex you are encourage
to dress vintage 1930's -1950's when the
show was at its peak.  Dave played
along geting into Character for the day.

Dave and Sólstafir with UKC judge Mary Happel after
his Herding Group 1 win in Millbrooke, NJ.

Jo-Ann and Solstafir earning the breeds very first blue
ribbon as a fully accepted breed in the AKC.  Best 6 to 9
month puppy, Bel Alton, MD July 2, 2010

Fox Meadow Hausti Sólstafir was named, in part, after the Icelandic rock
Band Sólstafir.  Dave posted our Sólstafir's photo to their fan page and
received an "Official Comment" from the band

SÓLSTAFIR "That's a beautiful dog Dave! I really think the Icelandic
Sheepdogs is one of the most beautiful breed in the world, and your's is a
fine example of that! "

From Svavar Austmann Traustason (bassist for the band SÓLSTAFIR)
"Redhead+Sólstafir=Legendary handsomeness,it just cant go wrong!"  
Svavar is a redhead too!

You gotta love a band with great taste in dogs, our Sólstafir listened to his
namesake band while in the whelping box here.

photo by Rachael Toren of Clantyre Shetland Sheepdogs
Fox Meadow Hausti Sólstafir is co-owned with Dave

We introduced Dave and Sólstafir to the
Conformation Ring and they both have caught the
bug.    It has been wonderful watching the two of
them grow as a team.

Sólstafir had earned his first major in the UKC at 6
months old, and has since earned multiple group
placements and a Grand Championship.

He was the very first Icelandic Sheepdog to ever
enter the AKC's breed ring as a fully accepted breed
in the AKC on July 2. 2010 in
Bel Alton, MD  

Dave and Solstafir finished 2012 being ranked as the
AKC's #5 Icelandic Sheepdog.  In addition they
appeared in the 2012 National Dog show, and we
received a huge compliment from the Kennel Club of
Philadelphia with their using Solstafir's image in their

Dave and Solstafir also earned a placement on the
Eukanuba National Championships Honor Roll in 2012

Dave and Solstafir earned their AKC and UKC Grand
Championships within a week of each other in
September 2012.  All points owner handled

Congratulations to Solstafir and Dave for earning
their AKC Championship at the North Eastern KC's
Dog Show on 11/25/2011 under  AKC judge Mrs. Joan
M. Zielinski.  

Solstafir completed all of his championship titles
completely owner handled.

Solstafir has become Fox Meadow's first home
grown AKC champion completely owner
handled.  Dave and Solstafir have become a
wonderful team in the Conformation ring.

They earned their first major under judge
Margaret Mickelson at the National Dog Show in
November 2011 and went on to appear in the
National Dog Show on thanksgiving day.
See Dave and
Solstafir in the Introduction of
Herding Breeds and their Examination by the

Solstafir went on to finish his AKC Championship
the following weekend.  He and Dave were busy
at the shows this year being ranked the United
Kennel clubs #3 Icelandic Sheepdog and the
AKC's # 16.  Wishing Dave and Solstafir a
successful 2012.!
In 2012 Solstafir became a Grand Champion, then in 2013 he earned his Bronze  Grand Championship
In May of 2014 the band SÓLSTAFIR came to Maryland on their very first
American tour and they took the time out of their schedule to meet with us
and their name sake pup.  Such an awesome group of guys, they later went
on to play a killer show at a Maryland Music festival.  
Congratulations to Dave and Solstafir for becoming 2014's #4 Icelandic
Sheepdog and earning an invite to the Westminster Dog Show in 2015.
Dave and Bronze Grand Champion Fox Meadow Hausti
Solstafir go Best of Opposite Sex at the 139th Annual
Westminster Kennel Club on Feb. 16, 2015.  Thank you
Judge Linda Robey for recognizing our boy.