Álfagarður Icelandics at Fox Meadow

When our Fox Meadow Astros Blomalfur "Rosie" was born,
she and Jon developed this instant bond.  Every dog here is
"my dog" but not Rosie, she is right there with Jon.

Jon has been a very patient and often reluctant partner in
my adventures with dogs, from helping to housebreak
puppies to taking dogs in the ring, he's done it all.  As he
"co-owns" Rosie with me - I thought it was high time that
he got some recognition of his own for all the work he does
around here.

As Rose's registered name, Fox Meadow Astros Blomalfur,
means Beloved Rose the Flower Elf in Icelandic, we chose
Alfagardur, Elf Garden, as his  "kennel name" and all of
their litters will carry this prefix.

She has had her very first litter, the litter sired by our Fox
Meadow Thorra Garri, the litter theme being Magical Flora.  

Visit their litter page

Rosie has earned her International Championship and both
her majors in the AKC with Best of Breed wins- she is just a
few singles away from finishing her AKC championship.

Rosie's daughter Meadow in Bavaria, Germany has been
doing well with her owner Kerstin Stichling
Jon and Rosie as a puppy roaming
about his family's farm.  She keeps a
close eye on him!
Rose and littermate Thorn
romping around the farm,
checking out the soybeans
Rosie and Thorn moving
yearling Shetland rams at 12
weeks old.
Drafla Rasmus Klumpur
one of Rosie's
Meadow's German Club for Nordic Breeds
Meadow's German Kennel Club
Meadow's Hip REPORT, A2 comparable to
OFA Good