Fox Meadow Croft

where merriment and just  a little mayhem abound!

My dogs are pets first and foremost, all treasured members of my family, they live in my home with me and do
not know what the word "kennel" means.   We live a pretty simple life but we do have some adventures together
every now and then, and have seen our 15 minutes of fame from time to time.  

My dogs have been Featured on the cover of Dog Fancy magazine, as well as in Time,  Sports Illustrated, Martha
Stewart Living, Canine Chronicles, Show Sight and Baltimore Dog magazines.  There have been numerous
newspaper articles featuring them too.  My Multi-Champion Isi Kaffisukkolathi has been filmed by NBC sports as
well as several other news services and has been seen as far away as Moscow news networks.  

My involvement with these dogs has granted me opportunities that I may never have known without them, and
certainly never thought I would be involved in.   I have become friendly with people across the United States  and
abroad because of them.  The puppies I raise have brought joy to strangers who are now "extended family,"  my
adults have brought comfort to those who are troubled, those are my absolute proudest moments.   Kaffi and I
have traveled to Germany together, and I have taken "day trips" to Europe to pick up a new puppies. (I NEVER
saw that coming! ) I've collected and shipped semen from my boys to Europe and they have become the first
North American studs to sire litters in Europe.  We've traveled to NYC and have competed in the Westminster
Dog show, it was like a dream come true.  All things as a dog owner I never saw myself doing, we have become
members of  "Canine Community" now instead of merely dog and master.  These dogs provide me with endless
hours of entertainment through their antics, the laugh lines around my eyes are all their fault.

I can never fully express  my gratitude to those breeders who entrusted their puppies to me to raise as my own,
and to those friends we have made along the way for all of their encouragement, support and mentoring.  They
and their dogs have truly have enriched my life.  

For those wondering, in the years prior to 2011 we had been listed on the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of
America's "Approved Breeders Page" of the ISAA website.  In December 2010 I voluntarily removed myself from
this page as the club established a per puppy fee attached to having a breeders link on that page.  If you are not
having litters advertising on that page remains a free service.  In years previous, a breeders link on the
"Approved Breeders Page" was a benefit of membership to members in good standing who follow the breeding
guidelines.  Currently the policy for an  "Approved Breeders listing"  allows  foreign members ( Canadian and
European) who do not sell their puppies in the USA are not charged a fee for their breeder link, studs are also
not charged a fee to be listed on the ISAA website.  As I had never homed a puppy from a contact made through
the ISAA's website I felt this was an expense I did not need to pass along to new owners.  I do still abide by the
breed club's breeding guidelines.

The Icelandic Sheepdog is a wonderful breed, but may not fit well into everyone's living situation.  They are first
and foremost a working dog, bred to be an independent thinker and problem solver, they do require a lot of
personal time from their owner.  If you have any questions about the breed please feel free to call or
email to ask.
It never ceases to amaze me how one small event in someones life can influence what path you travel.  For me,  it
was bringing home my first Icelandic Sheepdog Viking Lilja in 2003, that influenced the road I'm on now.  The path
I travel seems to have frequent bumps in my lane of the canine variety.  I don't know how it happened but I am
thrilled that it has!

I have always had dogs.  My father is a Labrador Retriever enthusiast and some of my earliest memories were of
spending time with my father and his Retrievers stomping around the woods, or of going to obedience classes
with my mother.  With my father's guidance I learned the pleasures of having animals in my life and the
responsibility we have to them.  As a teen, our family adopted a Samoyed X Lab mix named Shanna and my love
for Spitz breeds was born.  Shanna is still one of the best dogs I have ever known.

As an adult, I traveled extensively with my faithful Keeshonden, Corry.  She and I traveled from Florida, to Japan,
California, Alaska, and trips home to Connecticut until we finally settled in Maryland, she had more frequent flier
miles than most people I knew back then.  When she passed away at 12 years old, I began a search for the
perfect breed for me.  

I had wanted another Spitz type dog but wanted one without the time consuming coat maintenance.  So I began a
shopping list that included everything I desired my new dog to be.  They must be friendly, easily trained, medium
sized dog so that you can take everywhere ( and I do!) , and there should be no desire to eat the chickens, cat or
neighborhood children.  I didn't think a breed existed that encompassed everything I was looking for until we
happened across a photo in a dog magazine tucked down in the corner, with the same exact description - medium
sized Spitz type Herding breed, friendly, clean, easily trained good with children and other animals.  It was CH.
PineRidge Elska and I was in love at first sight.  After meeting our first Icelandic Sheepdogs, at Liz and Bob
Hurley's house I was hooked.  We came home with Hippi and Lilja 10 months later from then ISAA Vice President
and founding member Elisabet Stacy Hurley of Viking Icelandic Sheepdogs.  It soon became apparent that I was
not going to just have 2 dogs.

I became involved with the breeds National club, the Icelandic Sheepdog Association of America (ISAA) and
served on the Health and Genetics Committee, was Chairman of the Health & Genetics Committee and Advertising
committee, Breeding Review and Compliance Committee and served as Vice President of the ISAA.  I also began
and ran the ISAA's largest regional Chapter on the East Coast, the AISC, organizing the largest gathering of
Icelandic Sheepdogs in history of the breed in  North America and the largest attended events for the next three
years.  I renewed my interest in genetics and continue educating myself on this topic as it relates to dogs and
inherited conditions.

Today, I spend time tending our sheep, bees and occasional flock of ring necked pheasants, spinning wool,
working in the garden, and raising and showing  my Icelandic Sheepdogs while working a full time job.   My  art
work has been photographed in homes featured in Country Living and Country Collectibles magazine.   

I am  committed to raising good tempered healthy pups with good conformation, while trying to increase the
diversity within the breed.  I consider myself a steward of this breed, not just an owner.  I am a lifetime member of
the ISAA, I follow the AKC standard and my breed clubs breeding guidelines, health test my dogs and register
them with the AKC to insure the health and future of the breed.  I support the efforts of the country of origin to
keep the breed a healthy, good tempered working dog.

Fox Meadow dogs have had success in the Conformation ring with our dogs being ranked in the top 20 and 10
since the breed rolled to full acceptance, despite the fact that my work schedule allows us limited participation
and they are owner handled!  The points and titles that they might earn are to validate their being used in a
breeding programs and to add value to these dogs pedigree for their puppies new owners, not so that I can
charge a higher fee for my puppies.  The dogs and I really do enjoy going to Dog Shows, just spending the day
together with good friends.  I have never been super competitive and spending a lot of money traveling to shows
and hiring professional handlers to have the top ranked dog just isn't somewhere I want to go.  No one was more
surprised than I when in 2010 my Isi Kaffisukkolathi was ranked the #3 dog in Breed and the #1 Icelandic
Sheepdog male in 2010.  This was done with very limited exhibition.  Or that Kaffi's son  Fox Meadow Jolasveinn
would be ranked #14 in 2011, also with very limited exhibition ( 4 shows), who then went on to become the first
Bred by Exhibitor Champion in the breed.
We always have said that Icelandic Sheepdogs are like potato chips - you can't have
just one.  We are pleased that some of our wonderful Fox Meadow Puppy families feel
the same way about Fox Meadow Icelandic Sheepdogs!  
Fox Meadow Hausti Solstafir
Fox Meadow Thorra Kari

half brothers living together in Maryland
Fox Meadow Trommari
Fox Meadow Kjartan Svartalfur

half brothers living together in  New
Fox Meadow Snaefinnur
Fox Meadow Hausti Solskin

Best Buddies living happily together in